A fantasy music video, placed in two opposite but connected worlds, the story of a journey between them, to find your true self and where you belong to.

Filmed in Venice, Italy, at Carnival time, and in a cold winter day in the city of Sibiu, Romania, the video relies on the interconnection of scenes to build a unique dreamworld, using some special visual effects.


A pure lullaby song, an acoustic composition created on a pentatonic scale, the music video can be looked upon as a meditation, aided by the silence induced by water. All in stillness, loneliness, somewhere in the middle of nature. 

Based on the lyrics of a Romanian poet, Iulia Hasdeu, the story is centered on the symbols of the child, water, a sound of a Japanese bell marking the beginning of meditation


Sometimes life is like a mystical journey through the forest, walk below the trees as if each one is one of your dreams. What is given, what is taken, comes or leaves with the light that makes those trees grow.

Filmed in a beautiful autumn setting with a small team, this video is a calling for all who love nature and the gentle ways of man.


a strange flower
for birds and butterflies
the autumn sky

Matsuo Basho


Fragments from the solo concert (voice-guitar-harmonica) by Iulia Em, at Habitus bookstore, Sibiu 2015

The songs are mainly from the 'Eyes Closed' album, released by Iulia in December 2013.


Fragments from the double album release concert held at the Excelsior Theater in Bucharest

Band: Titus Constantin (acoustic guitar) Szaby Gyergyai (bass), Joco Orosz- Pal (electric piano), Norbert Tobias (drums) Berti Barbera (percussion)

String Quartet: Ileana Rotaru (harp) Laura Zecheru (viola) Eduard Zecheru (cello) Cezar Mihalache (violin)